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Verse 1 (Fricktion):
The early bird gets the early bird special
My balance might be low, but you can bet I’m on the level
I guess I should expect it when I’m dealin’ with the devil
Got me wonderin’ when I’ll pay it off, right now it feels like never

See, all I’m lookin’ for is to live happy and die old,
But I’m underneath this stone known as unsubsidized loans
And every time that I wind up in my zone
I get another bill or my alarm clock chimes on

Now I feel like this spot that I’m locked in
Is blockin’ my options, it’s rockin’ my conscience
‘Cause some days I just wanna get it poppin’ like the Top 10,
But I’m not them, the charts are not in my thoughts when I’m jottin’

But the clock’s been tickin’, tockin’, so loud like it’s mockin’ me
I’m just hopin’ I see the day that I truly get free
‘Cause now I’m complacent, starin’ at my bank statement
Caught between my legs under this desk and my feet on the pavement

Chorus (Marshall):
Now I’ve got a lot to answer for.
I’m barely off that life support.

Ready or not, feelin’ the ceiling is ready to drop
It’s like I been hoverin’ over the pot, too long I been idling at this stop sign
Still in my prime, but I am watchin’ as the minutes slide
And for as long as I follow in line, then my time is really not mine

Verse 2 (Fricktion):
Seems every time I take a new step, I’m fallin’ fatigued
Never seem to truly be the man I want me to be
My principles are solid, but I’m missin’ some of what I treasure
And these days my moods are somethin’ like this Indiana weather

Never thought I’d be complainin’ to be here in this seat
Where so many of my peers would be ecstatic to be
But some days i’m overwhelmed by this sense of defeat
I got a roof over my head and I got shoes on my feet

And furthermore food in the pantry and equipment for beats
But I still get this itchin’ feelin’ somethin’ isn’t complete
It’s liberating standing on my own and stayin’ afloat
But instead of out sellin’ my dreams, feels like I’m sellin’ out my hopes

And I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m just takin’ things for granted
I worked hard for my chances and snatched ‘em soon as they landed
But before I’ve begun, feels like I’m sellin’ me short
How long until I succumb to this pressin’ desire for more


from Mt. Fiction, released April 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Mt. Fiction Chicago, Illinois

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